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Business Nutritionist. Dissemination of timely & practical wellness informations

  • Healthy lifestyle tips

Fitness & weight loss management.

  • Checkups

Conducting of Physical examination and quick health checks on the following:

-Blood Pressure
-Sugar Check
-Quantum resonance

  • Sales and distribution

Sales and distribution of whole food supplement and bottles of vitamins at dispensable & affordable prices for the management of chronic disease such as:
a) HBP
b) Sugar & Diabetes mgt,
c) Infections (Viral, bacteria, fungal)
d) Bone Disease- ( Athritis & osteoporosis)
e) Prostrate Management
f) Infertility
g) Low immune system

  • Sales and distribution

Distribution & Sales of Crop enhancers for farmers. To get huge return on sales, help your crops grow to full maturity looking fresh.

  • Construction of practical & workable realistic meal plans to help improve your health.

You are what you eat, feel better, look better and live better with our amazing meal plans.

Eating and Diabetes

March 27, 2022 - by Sade Cole

Eat what you want when you want? You are probably thinking” um ya I could do that but my numbers would be crazy and my doctor would hate me.”

Diet Research Is Deeply Flawed

April 20, 2022 - Adeola Adedayo

Have you ever tried a diet because your friend LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT doing the diet? How long ago was this? Have they gained the weight back? Did you lose weight and gain it back? I am sure you can find plenty of examples in your life where this is true.

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